Your business in good company


The town of Alloa has played an important role in the success of Autosonics.

Founded here in the late ‘90s, the firm has grown steadily over the last decade, weathering recession and still looking ahead with optimism.

Managing Director Jamie MacSween explained: “The company started here in one room at Alloa Business Centre, with just the one employee. Now we are one of the three top companies in the UK in terms of what we do and have 13 people working here, with others at various locations around the country.”

Autosonics is at the forefront of introducing new technologies that enhance the safety, security and efficiency of commercial vehicles.  Its range of products and services include the award-winning BackMinder® reversing aid, NeckIt Fuel anti-siphon device and Gripper steps.  Customers include vehicle manufacturers and some of the largest commercial vehicle fleets in the UK.

“I led a management buy-out in 2006,” said Jamie. “And I must admit I did look at relocating the business, but at every turn Alloa came out ahead of the competition.

“The cost and availability of premises, the fact I wasn’t being tied into 10-year leases which could turn out to be a millstone round the company’s neck, and the support network that exists in Clackmannanshire, all added up to us staying here.

“We started off in a small office and have been able to move gradually into bigger premises and self-contained buildings. As the business grows there’s a flexibility here which allows us to go with the flow.”

There’s also support on a very practical level, such as all the business parks being well signposted so that businesses can be easily found by deliveries and customers alike. And the local BIDS scheme, of which Jamie is chair, is helping financially by assisting businesses to appeal against the burden of rates revaluations.

“When we advertise for staff, the quality of applicants is good too.

“Alloa also provides a good working environment for staff. The recent improvements in road and rail links have made it easier for out-of-town employees to get to and from work, and, within Alloa itself, a wide variety of shops, good quality, modern facilities, and the town’s situation, central, yet with easy access to the countryside, makes it an attractive place for people to live and work.”